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Deaf to the Holy Spirit? Identifying what keeps you from hearing the Spirit

Just recently my son started preschool, and has since brought home every cold and flu he could find.  This has left my wife, Danae, and I sick frequently. Last week I was at work while fighting off a nasty flu, … Continue reading

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Radical book review

Radical: Taking back your faith from the American Dream Radical is one of the toughest, most challenging books I have read in a long time. The book is fairly short, only about 200 pages, but in those pages you will … Continue reading

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Removing Distractions does not make more time for God

Last week I took up a challenge to go 40 days without TV or xbox in order to remove distractions from my life and to draw closer to God. I am currently on day 5 and I have already learned … Continue reading

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Why I am leaving PC gaming…

I have been playing PC games for years…okay…12 years to be exact.  I have greatly enjoyed the time I have played them; however, that time is coming to an end.  No, I am not quitting video games…as a matter of … Continue reading

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Are distractions keeping you from being as close to God as you could be?

“Our blessings have become a curse. They attract us. They take too much of our time and concern.” – Leonard Ravenhill One of the most powerful tools Satan is using to attack the church and keep Christians crippled in America … Continue reading

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Are you living in sin without realizing it?

As a Christian it goes without saying that I try to avoid sin in my life. I do not get drunk, do drugs, hate other people, steal, kill, or cheat through life. We do such a good job, in fact, … Continue reading

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Operation World

Operation World is an organization dedicated to seeing the world come to Christ by encouraging Christians everywhere to pray for the world. But not just the world in a general sense.  Operation world focuses each day on a different country … Continue reading

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Did God call you to that life of comfort?

I just read a really interesting article on The Traveling Team website. The basics of the article stated that there is no difference in the call of God to do missionary work or to stay and live a life of … Continue reading

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ETM 2.2 Updates

We really do try to be satisfied with the website we have and to leave things alone. Changing things frequently tends to confuse regular visitors and makes an organization seem a little unstable at times.  For this reason we take … Continue reading

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Did Jesus exist in the beginning with God?

I have been a follower of Jesus for years and have spent a lot of time reading His Word, so I sometimes forget that not everybody knows the basic beleifs of Christianity. I take it for granted that people just … Continue reading

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