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Gay Marriage: Politics and Laws are NOT the answer

Let’s start with marriage! The major issue is that our current culture doesn’t properly teach the significance and the commitment of covenant that marriage represents. Lots of people get “married” and just repeat the lines the pastor/priest tells them to … Continue reading

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Is Christianity a blind faith?

Many non-Christians love to point out how Christianity is nothing but a “blind faith”. They say that because God cannot be seen, heard, or touched, we cannot ever know for sure that He exists. Since there is a lack of physical evidence of … Continue reading

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Do you really believe?

What we believe, as Christians is crucial.  Faith is what salvation and our relationship with Christ are based on, and faith has everything to do with what we really believe. So I ask you, do you really believe that what … Continue reading

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Theistic Evolution

A huge debate going on right now is on the topic of Naturalistic Evolution (also known as Neo-Darwinism) and Intelligent Design. Advocates of evolution seem to have the popular view, or at least they are the loudest, since if you … Continue reading

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Christians: Regarding Homosexuals…

Over the past few days I have heard a few different stories showing the outspokenness of Christians against the practice of homosexuality, and I wanted to help clear a few things up before we go about accusing people of being … Continue reading

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Long Time Between Updates

Yes I realize that I have not been keeping up on writing my blogs as much as I would have liked. There are a lot of things that go through my head almost daily that I want to write about, … Continue reading

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Two New Little Ones in the House

For many months now I have really been wanting a pet. We tried last year to get a dog, but he ended up destroying our house ($200 + in damage in 2 months!!) so we had to get rid of … Continue reading

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Women’s roles in the Church

Introduction “The Christian faith brought freedom and hope to women, children, and slaves. It taught that all people, regardless of race or sex, were equal before their Creator, and that all believers were one in Jesus Christ. The local church … Continue reading

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101 Last Days Prophecies

The Bible predicts many specific signs that will culminate in the last days. Notice that none of these prophecies are vague. Also consider that Jesus indicated these signs would arise concurrently (pretty much at the same time), gaining momentum like … Continue reading

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Simply Amazing…

Life is AMAZING!!! I was watching TV the other night, got bored so I turned it onto the Animal Planet. It simply amazes me how all of nature works together. Under the ocean there are hundreds of thousands of unique … Continue reading

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