Help us buy a camel

November is here, which means it is time to start breaking out the snow makers and make some snow angels in Los Angeles.

Or, more accurately it is time to start spending lots of money on all of those family members.  With how much marketing is put into Christmas it is no wonder that we are so focused on buying each other gifts to fill up the stockings and line the trees with.

But this year try to do something a little different.  Give just a little bit of your money to help people in other countries who have almost nothing and will likely get nothing for Christmas.

This year Eternal Truth Ministering is trying to save up to buy a camel.

Yes, you heard me right, a camel.

Gospel for Asia has a donation program allowing you to help buy livestock for villages in need (along with a ton of other cool ministry opportunities).  For only $345, the cost of 23 people subscribing to World of Warcraft for a month, or the cost of a single Xbox 360, we can purchase a camel for a village in Rajasthan, India.

Camels can be used to transport up to 330 pounds of goods across the sandy deserts that jeeps have a hard time getting through, and when they get to their destination they are even used for plowing fields.

Camel wool is used to make clothing and camel milk is a staple in that part of the world.

Missionaries from Gospel for Asia go into these villages to bring the gospel, and if they can meet physical needs while they are at it then it provides a great platform to show that those who follow Jesus love them in a very real way.

“Assuredly, I say to you, inasmuch as you did it to one of the least of these My brethren, you did it to Me” – Matthew 25:40

Would you consider giving a small donation to help us make a difference to the lives of villagers in India?

Click here for more information or to donate.

Living in an HD world….

Everywhere I turn in the stores today I see “HD TV” and “HD DVD” and everything else that can be considered “High Definition.”

I confess, I want an HD LCD TV, XBOX 360, and Blu-Ray DVD Player. When I think of how I can’t afford them I get upset, even mad sometimes, because I can’t have the cool toys that I want to have.

Tonight I was reminded of how selfish I am. How blessed I have been by God in so many ways and I get upset because I don’t have the latest technology? Where has this world gotten to? Where have I gotten to?

I may only have a 19 inch CRT TV, but how many people in this world, even in this nation, wish they could have that much? Not to mention the iMac and Macbook Pro that my wife and I have. It is sad that I look in my pantry of food, or in the refrigerator and see all the food and think “Man, there is nothing to eat” so I go order a pizza! How many people don’t have the wonderful blessing of pizza? That may sound like a joke, but I’m serious. So many people have little to no food. So many have to live off of rice, and I have all this food and decide I don’t want anything that I have so I order something else.

Then think about Bibles… I have in my home about 5 or 6 Bibles. Different versions, differnt sizes, and most of them go unread. The others are not read nearly enough. Then I remember that in China, where Bibles are illegal people risk their life to get Bibles and deliver them to others.

I’m not saying we need to go get rid of all of our stuff, but it makes us think when we are desiring more and more stuff and get upset or bummed that we don’t have the latest and greatest.

As the Christmas season comes, take some time to reflect on what it really means. Find things that you are thankful for and praise God for the blessings that we have. Greatest of all, thank God that we have been forgiven freely of all of our sin. Every time you sin and start to feel bad for it, Jesus already payed the price. So repent and go joyfully to the arms of your Heavenly Father who accepts us as we are!

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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone!

A lot of people send out Christmas letters about what their family updates. Since I hate sending out letters (which is why I still haven’t sent in my mail-in-rebate for my phone) and I’m a geek, I’ll write a blog about the year.

The biggest news of the year is that we have a beautiful and healthy baby boy!

Malikai Jadon Zenor, born in December of 2006. He is now just over a year old and doing great. He is learning to walk on his own pretty well, and getting into almost everything. He knows how to climb steps, and I’ve gone through a lot of trouble trying to keep him off the stairs. Health wise, he hasn’t gotten sick at all, and his height and weight chart is above average, so everything is perfect with him.

The events surrounding Malikai’s birth were hectic and not the most fun. Danae went into labor during a blizzard, had to have the Army pick us up in a hummer and take us to the ambulance. That was a lot of fun, if only I had a picture of it. After Danae went through 2 1/2 hours of pushing Malikai was finally born. We had our family come out to visit and everyone got trapped in our house by another blizzard. That always causes stress and tension, a 1,080 square foot home with 10 people trapped inside for a few days.

Danae didn’t have much fun either, she had Mono and Postpardum Depression at the same time, which made things quite hard. Because of all of that, DHS had to get involved. All in all, the beginning of the year was full of doctors appointments, court dates, and a bunch of other junk that we really didn’t need at the time. Even several months after all of that was over with, we still got threatened with more legal action. Thankfully, I think we are passed all such actions. I really think none of it had to happen in the first place. When it all ended, we had the doctors, a therapist, the DHS case workers, and another court appointed family person all said that Danae and I both were taking great care of Malikai and all this junk shouldn’t have happened in the first place.

I don’t want to sound like I’m complaining, but this entire year has been full of extra stress and hassels, things that cost us extra money. But, we have a healthy baby boy, and for that we rejoice.

This year Danae and I have been searching for ways to witness to people online. This has been an interesting way to use our abilities (and addictions). There have been a few people online that we have brought back to the Bible, or just brought one step closer to following Christ. We have had our arguments with atheist, and sometimes we lose hope when not too many people show up to online Bible studies, but we just have to remember, no matter how it looks, we don’t know how God is going to use us.

I have also started school this year, taking online courses at Calvary Chapel Bible College. I just started my second course, only 32 more to go! So far I am learning a lot of really interesting stuff, but for now I just need to get going on this “textbook evaluation paper”. It has to be 5-7 pages and I’m having trouble nailing down the main points of the book, there were so many good ones, it’s hard to tell what the main one is. This first class requires me to do some work in the church, so I have been helping in the kitchen and nursery mostly. It has been a lot of fun, and even though it takes a lot of time I’m really glad that I get to do it.

Now that Christmas is almost here, we got the Christmas tree up. We didn’t put up outside lights just because I have been tired, working long hours, and even on my nights off I have been dead tired. But I did took the time to put up the Christmas tree and decorate it real nice, but the cats promptly took care of that. Silly cats, climbing the tree at all hours of the night, unpugging the lights and batting down every ornament we had hanging. Next year I’ll have to try some training techniques that someone told me about for cats. That should solve the problem so we can have a nice tree up, until Malikai gets ahold of it. So we will just have to figure out how to train Malikai to stay away from it. I’m sure bright shining lights and ornaments will not tempt him to go for it…

Anyway, that’s it for this year. Only time will tell how next year turns out to be.

Merry Christmas everyone, and have a Happy New Year!

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