Jr. Highers Really Need Prayer

Note: Welcome to the first ETM Current Editorial, where we write a short opinion piece about current events.

The Jr. High group at our church occasionally does “Question and Answer” weeks, where the kids can write down any question they want to, and the next week the pastor addresses a few of those questions from a Biblical perspective.  Last Sunday I helped read through a few of the questions to filter out the good from those just messing around.  While doing this, I came across several questions regarding cutting.  Not only this, but after the service I found out that a Jr. Higher in the city lost at a game of Russian Roulette last week.  By God’s grace the boy survived, although we do not know how full of a recovery there will be.

These reports just broke my heart.  When I was in Jr. High I just had to worry about how I would get the attention of a girl I liked or if I wanted to participate in the crazy Jr. High games we used to play.  What has happened to our society, to our schools, to our kids, to cause them to suffer so much?  When we look at them we have no clue the amount of pain and hurt some of them may be going through.

I want this to be a call to action to you.  Please, keep these kids in your prayers.  If you are a parent of someone in this age group, take the time to draw close to them and find out what they are really going through.  If you know a kid who is in this age group, do not just think that they are just kids, get to know them because they are going through some seriously dangerous stuff right now.  But most importantly, pray, for the kids and their parents.