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Gay Marriage: Politics and Laws are NOT the answer

Let’s start with marriage! The major issue is that our current culture doesn’t properly teach the significance and the commitment of covenant that marriage represents. Lots of people get “married” and just repeat the lines the pastor/priest tells them to … Continue reading

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The Revelation and Rejection of God

Pastor Eric Cartier goes through Romans 1:18-32 pointing out the seriousness of rejecting the truth that God has revealed to each person. Also in this passage is why homosexuality, idolatry and other sins are wrong and what the danger is of … Continue reading

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Christians: Regarding Homosexuals…

Over the past few days I have heard a few different stories showing the outspokenness of Christians against the practice of homosexuality, and I wanted to help clear a few things up before we go about accusing people of being … Continue reading

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Are Men Fools? (death of masculinity by feminist ideology)

Interesting information from a Focus on the Family newsletter I received in the mail months ago but decided to not throw away because i believe the things said are just so relevant for today. It’s gonna be long…but bear with … Continue reading

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Should Christian Women Cover Their Heads in Church?

I feel that Christian women should. Paul goes into great detail in 1 Corinthians 11 about why women should cover their heads in church. Just because a woman chooses not to cover her head, doesn’t mean she is not in God’s favor, … Continue reading

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