Lust, a Looney Tunes Worthy Trap

The first on-screen appearance of Bugs Bunny, ...
The first on-screen appearance of Bugs Bunny, from an unrestored version of the cartoon. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Who remembers watching the old Bugs Bunny cartoons where the bad guy would always fall down the really obvious trap door? I got to thinking – that’s kinda what Solomon was talking about in Proverbs 5 & 7. Lust is an awful lot like a really obvious trap door. God puts warning signs in our lives to steer us away from lust and temptation. The only problem is that sometimes we are so consumed and blinded by our lusts that we either can’t see or we ignore the warning signs. It’s like walking up to that really obvious trap door and falling down the hole. Only, unlike in the cartoons, we willingly trigger the trap.

As someone once said, “It’s not the fall that will kill you; it’s the sudden stop.” When we’re in the middle of indulging in our lists (falling) we can’t see (or don’t care about) the affect our sin has on us. Yet once we hit the floor and we feel the guilt and shame of our sin, the damage has been done. Unlike the cartoons, though, we don’t come back in the next scene like nothing happened. Not only does our sin hurt us but it hurts those around us, especially the ones we love the most. Not only do we come out all banged up, but so do others.

We often forget that God tells us not to do certain things for a reason – because He knows what those things do to us, how unholy they are, and lust’s destructive power. We take a look at that which we lust for (whether it be sex, power, control, appearing spiritual to others, money, fame, fortune, love, acceptance; the list could go on) and we covet. It’s like that child whose parents tell him or her “no” so the child either throws a tantrum or does/goes for it anyway.

Then again when we refuse to give in to that temptation and lust, even if we’re standing with one foot on the trap, God prevents the trap from springing. When we trust God and that He says no for a reason we find that we draw closer to Him. And, heaven forbid, we have fallen and damage has been done, God can still repair the damage that’s been done.

Men and the Decline of Marriage in the US

This is a brief editorial on a pressing issue in United States culture: Sexual Purity.

A February 2012 NY Times article “Young Mothers Describe Marriage’s Fading Allure,” suggests the attraction of marriage is not what it once was for many young mothers.

My heart broke at the resounding theme of this article: women do not trust men. What a sad thing, but is that surprising in a society where dating produces children more often than fathers?

Traditional marriage was a cultural standard in the US, but that is changing. According to the article cited above, the national figure for children born outside of marriage is 53%.

Premarital sex and child birth are now normative.
The basic unit of society is the family, which is being crippled by cultural practices of casual sex.
I would like to propose a partial solution to this epidemic problem can be found in Scripture:

“Let marriage be held in honor among all, and let the marriage bed be undefiled, for God will judge the sexually immoral and adulterous.”
-Hebrews 13:4 ESV

Men in our society are failing women at a basic moral level.

Sure, there’s enough guilt to go around, but according to scripture, God made men to lead.

Leaders are trend setters, so to alter a trend, leaders must act first.
A paradigm shift is required to change what is happening in our culture.
I argue that the weight of it lies on the shoulders of men first.

If we want to see change as a culture, men need to commit to sexual purity in all categories at all levels.

Imagine the change created by a situation where women did not feel pressured to have sex before marriage?
Imagine the respect inherently communicated in that situation.

How would that change things?
I think it would change a lot of things.

Please join me this week in praying for the sexual purity of the men you know.