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Do you have a burden for the lost?

I’m re-reading the Left Behind books right now and I came across an interesting quote that I think points to the heart of Christ. Something that shows how we should be longing for the unsaved to be saved.

The background of the quote is that Rayford Steel has recently found the truth of the Bible and is trying to reach out to other people, especially his daughter Chloe who has been resistant to the gospel. Here is what Ray felt in the book.

I cannot lose her, he thought, and he believed he would trade his own salvation for hers if that was what it took.

With that commitment, he sensed God speaking to him, impressing upon him that tat was precisely the burden required for winning people, for leading them to Christ. That was the attitude of Jesus himself, being willing to take on himself the punishment of men and women so they could live.

I confess that my burden for the lost is not that deep; but it should be. Every single person is going to die and will one day face God, either with or without Christ. How selfish can we be as Christians to enjoy living our life for God, praising God and singing songs, but failing to do what God really wants done, reaching out to the lost and giving them the gospel.

Pray that God will put this burden on your heart so you will want to reach out and share the gospel no matter how uncomfortable it may be or no matter what it may cost you.

Jesus died for every single person, and are we going to be selfish enough to squelch what Jesus did by not sharing it?

May the lamb that was slain receive the reward of His suffering….

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