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"For I decided to know nothing among you except Jesus Christ and him crucified."

Life Application

Living in an HD world….

Everywhere I turn in the stores today I see “HD TV” and “HD DVD” and everything else that can be considered “High Definition.”

I confess, I want an HD LCD TV, XBOX 360, and Blu-Ray DVD Player. When I think of how I can’t afford them I get upset, even mad sometimes, because I can’t have the cool toys that I want to have.

Tonight I was reminded of how selfish I am. How blessed I have been by God in so many ways and I get upset because I don’t have the latest technology? Where has this world gotten to? Where have I gotten to?

I may only have a 19 inch CRT TV, but how many people in this world, even in this nation, wish they could have that much? Not to mention the iMac and Macbook Pro that my wife and I have. It is sad that I look in my pantry of food, or in the refrigerator and see all the food and think “Man, there is nothing to eat” so I go order a pizza! How many people don’t have the wonderful blessing of pizza? That may sound like a joke, but I’m serious. So many people have little to no food. So many have to live off of rice, and I have all this food and decide I don’t want anything that I have so I order something else.

Then think about Bibles… I have in my home about 5 or 6 Bibles. Different versions, differnt sizes, and most of them go unread. The others are not read nearly enough. Then I remember that in China, where Bibles are illegal people risk their life to get Bibles and deliver them to others.

I’m not saying we need to go get rid of all of our stuff, but it makes us think when we are desiring more and more stuff and get upset or bummed that we don’t have the latest and greatest.

As the Christmas season comes, take some time to reflect on what it really means. Find things that you are thankful for and praise God for the blessings that we have. Greatest of all, thank God that we have been forgiven freely of all of our sin. Every time you sin and start to feel bad for it, Jesus already payed the price. So repent and go joyfully to the arms of your Heavenly Father who accepts us as we are!

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