Are you being controlled by the subtlety of sin?

“Then let it see the Crystal Shard and destroy it,” Entreri remarked, and he felt a twinge then as Crenshinibon (the Crystal Shard) cried out. “Why?” Jarlaxle asked suddenly, and Entreri recognized that his ever-opportunistic friend had heard that silent call. “Why?” the assassin (Entreri) echoed, turning to regard Jarlaxle fully. “Perhaps we are being […]

Ideas we can use in witnessing to others, and ministering to new Christians

I. Foundation Verses and Their Major Points (in sequential order): A. Matt. 16:1-4 B. Matt 16:5-12 C. Matt 26:1-13 (esp. v. 10-13) D. Luke 4:8 E. Luke 4:16-19 (digression) F. Luke 19:1-10 G. Romans 2:4 H. Matthew 16:26 I. Ephesians 5:1-7 J. Mark 13:28-31 A. Matt 16:1-4 1. Read v. 1-4 2. Explain: – The […]